Information for Authors

1. General conditions of publication of the manuscript:

1.1. Manuscript has not been published, except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture or thesis for the degree.

1.2. The manuscript has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

1.3. Approved the publication of the manuscript by all co-authors (if any) and the competent authorities (default or explicitly) in the academic institution where the work carried out. The publisher is not be made in the event of possible claims and / or claims for damages or copyright infringement liable.

2. Basic requirements for the author of the manuscript:

2.1. Authors who want to include in your job data, tables or text passages that have already been published in other newspapers and magazines, the permission of the copyright owner has received and confirmed to the publisher that such approval has been received, when documents and manuscript submit materials. Each material is obtained without such an authorization is considered as copyrighted material into consideration.

2.2. The authors are solely responsible for publishing license for the provision of all copyrighted materials and pictures. A copy of the written permission of the publisher is given with the manuscript. Possible liability for copyright infringement and the consequences of this injury lies entirely with the author (-s) of the manuscript.

3. The basic rules of the manuscript authorship change (the rules with respect to additions, deletions or rearrangements of the names of the authors of the manuscripts accepted):

3.1. If necessary, modify changes to the publication of accepted manuscripts online requests to add or delete the author, or the order of the authors' names, if they email the author (-s) are took the manuscript to the publisher sent , In this case, considering the accepted manuscripts until exposed to the harmonization of copyright. The application includes:

3.1.1. The reason for adding, removing, or the order of the author's name to change.

3.1.2. A written confirmation (e-mail, fax) to change the agreement of all authors to edd, to delete or to change the order of the authors' names.

3.2. Following the publication of accepted manuscripts online supplement any requests to delete or change the order of the names of the authors published by the same rules change as submitted for the manuscript unpublished manuscripts. At the same time, in the case of a positive outcome of the publisher of such a request, published the changes in an adjustment to the published manuscript.

4. Basic rules for the submission of manuscripts:

4.1. Before the manuscript for publication to submit authored and co-authors must register on the site WZ as "author". For such registration "My Account" is to be created by the author (-s). Log in to "My Account" occurs on the WZ Online:

4.2. Authors should the manuscript only on-line, submit to the step by step instructions for creating and uploading files to the site tool. All correspondence, including notification of the Editor's decision and requests for revision is to be made by e-mail.

4.3. In its "Dashboard" can be downloaded for submission to the publication of all manuscripts of the files needed to fill all the windows in accordance with the name and follow the instructions.

4.4. Download the manuscript files in the formats .doc and .docx is impossible.

5. Basic requirements for the formatting of the manuscript:

5.1. The manuscript must meet the requirements for formatting and content.

5.2. The cover and the title page.

5.2.1. On the title page of the manuscript should contain:

5.2.2. Separately was a title page that includes:

5.3. Abstract / Keywords.

5.3.1. Summary should contain 100-250 words and, if possible, include:

5.3.2. Keywords should provide 4-6 keywords that can be used for indexing.

5.3.3. Summary should any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references included.

5.4. The main text.

5.4.1. The text of the manuscript should begin on a new page, titled the full title of the manuscript.

5.5. Explanations.

5.6. Reference list.

5.6.1. Referring to the literature should be placed after the main text of the manuscript in a separate section, including the references cited in the main text.

5.6.2. The responsibility for the accuracy of the list of literature and the completeness of the information bears the author (-s) of the manuscript.

5.6.3. References should be listed alphabetically by author name, including the initials of all authors. If there are two or more works by one author (-s) that they should be listed in order of year of publication.

5.6.4. When the material at the time of application for the publication of the manuscript has not been published, but it is accepted for publication, you must specify "publish" the name of the magazine or publishing house instead of the date.

5.6.5. For theses and unpublished documents should specify the time and place where it was made presentation of the document. If the date is not known, use the notation "ND" instead of the date.

5.6.6. If two or more works by the same author (-s) of one year of the publication, please list them in alphabetical order by name and designate them by the letters A, B, C and so on.

5.6.7. The list of authors, the abbreviation "etc." in the list of references, it is not acceptable.

5.6.8. Do not use footnotes to replace the list of references.

5.7. Credentials.

5.8. Tables.

5.8.1. Tables are numbered consecutively.

5.8.2. In the text, place the reference to the publication of the table, for example: "Table 1 on page 15".

5.8.3. Each table should be placed on a separate sheet.

5.8.4. Each table should contain a descriptive title and headings of the columns and rows.

5.8.5. Tables should be provided in an editable format.

5.9. Illustrations.

5.9.1. Pictures are numbered consecutively.

5.9.2. It is necessary, a reference in the text to insert illustrations to place, for example: "Figure 1 on page 15".

5.9.3. Each drawing must contain a title.

5.9.4. Do not use abbreviations in the figures.

5.10. Notes, references, tables, figures, and applications are applied in separate sections of a text in this order.

5.11. If you specify your own work of the author should be written, for example, "Jackson (1992) came to the conclusion ..." but not "I came to the conclusion (Jackson, 1992) ...".

5.12. The manuscript should not contain citations unpublished works.

5.13. The use of italics is only to highlight or header allowed.

5.14. For deepening the TAB key on your keyboard should (instead of a space bar).

5.15. Use store the equation editor or MathType for equations and the file in OpenOffice format. Do not use the .doc and .docx. file types.

5.16. The headings and sub-headings in the text should specify the structure of the content. Do not use more than three levels of headings.

5.17. Acronyms and abbreviations should be defined when first mentioned.

5.18. Citation in the text should include the name of the author (-s) and year of publication, the page numbers for direct quotations or passages show.

5.19. Some examples of valid text links:

5:20. The equations are printed in the text should be consistently Arabic numbers in parentheses at the right margin to highlight important equation used.

5.21. Notes should be used with caution. If the information is important for the reader, it should be inserted into the text.

5.21.1. Notes to the text are numbered consecutively.

5.21.2. Notes to tables shall be made in small letters or asterisks for a significant and other statistical data.

5.22. Additional electronic material.

5.22.1. Granted Authors additional electronic material will be published as received from the author in the form of on-line version.

5.22.2. Authors may include, for example, additional electronic materials:

  • - Information that cannot be printed: animations, video, audio.
  • - Information that is convenient for the subject of the manuscript in electronic form, as submitted to spectral data, etc.
  • - Large volumes of raw data, such as additional tables, figures, etc.
  • 5.22.3. If a manuscript is additional electronic material attached in the text should make especially on the material, similar to the figures and tables.

    5.23. Thanks to people, grants, funds, etc. (if necessary) should put in a separate section before the reference list. The names of sponsors should be advertised. In order to maintain anonymity when gratitude review should not breach the anonymity of the authors (to avoid, for example: "Thanks to my device [x] and colleagues [Name], [User Name] ...)."

    5.24. All pages should be (including notes and references) entered with double spacing, font size 12 Times New Roman (or similar) is used.

    5.25. On all sides of each page 1-inch grid must be.

    5.26. Provision of manuscripts in the correct format is the responsibility of the authors. Manuscripts that do not meet these requirements will be sent back for revision.

    6. Language of the manuscript:

    6.1. The official language is German. All documents must be written in German, the right vocabulary, syntax and grammar.

    6.2. Manuscripts are accepted in English. In this case, the manuscript must present the German translation of the title and the abstract / keywords.

    6.3. The manuscripts, largely based on the pictures, models and literary reviews in a foreign language, the sets or blocks of text can also be translated into German and / or English in a foreign language, but.

    7. Following the submission of the manuscript:

    7.1. After the manuscript of the author (-s) will receive a link to your personal account on the site tool.

    7.2. The author (-s) will be asked to transfer copyright of the article to the publisher or give the publisher the exclusive right to publish and distribute articles. This is a prerequisite for the placement of the manuscript online and ensures the widest possible protection and dissemination of information in accordance with the copyright.

    7.3. The article is published online for all basic requirements and makes corrections if necessary.

    7.4. The product online, other changes in the content, for example, the new results, corrected values Following the publication, title and authorship, are not permitted without the consent of the publisher.

    7.5. May after the articles to publish online and agree on possible further changes to the publisher of such changes can be made only in the form of patches, which will be presented as a link to the article.

    7.6. The publisher reserves the right to refuse the author (-s) in the publication of the manuscript, without explaining the reasons.