About us

Wissenschaftszeitschrift publishing house is located in the north-western part of the German land Westphalia and traditionally belongs to the classic European school of academic sciences. Chief representative office of the publishing house is situated in the historical center of the Bocholt city on the territory of the research center of St. Agnes Hospital

Wissenschaftszeitschrift publication is the system combining academic knowledge database with the possibility of its extended control and access for any academically educated user. Scientific data included into publication disclose basic tendencies of the most scientific disciplines due to which the civilized society develops.

Main industrial fields of science included into register of the German National Library A-Z

Internal policy of Wissenschaftszeitschrift publication editing involves:

- free and open access (ОpА) to the content and results of researches, which contributes to the global knowledge sharing.

- use of program systems for development of own and public archives of libraries ( LOCKSS, etc.), which increases publications reliability and accessibility.

- complete absence of the impact of any external political and social factors.

- guidance by the rules and ethical norms commonly accepted by the global academic community (CC BY).

Editorial board of Wissenschaftszeitschrift journal:

Honorary Chief Editor:

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Heribert Meffert

Chief Editor:

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Dr. h.c. Clemens Renker

Deputy Chief Editor:

Prof. Dr. oec. habil. G. L. Bagiev

Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation

Science Editor:

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bodo Abel


Dr. med. Martin Langert

See editorial policy rules here

Publications in Wissenschaftszeitschrift are included into the systems of citation indices of the authors and the magazines.

Wissenschaftszeitschrift publication provides an opportunity to the authors to reserve copyrights for their works which are freely distributed in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution license, on condition that the original work is cited correctly. The authors can cover costs and charges only for manuscripts acceptance and processing, according to the existing partnership program.

Partnership program of academic publications in Wissenschaftszeitschrift is represented in the form of membership. Universities, institutes, research centers, national libraries as well as researchers belonging to the academic community can become program members.

Global partnership.

Global partnership is based on the financial participation of a scientific organization and allows its authors to publish an unlimited number of their works in the magazine with free access. Global partner is determined on the basis of the quantitative elements of the faculties and the claimed academic research topics.

Annual partnership.

Annual partnership is available for any registered user via personal account in Wissenschaftszeitschrift, who has an academic degree or ORCID identification in the Internet global network. This partnership implies both individual membership in the program and the collective membership with potential financial participation of the own funds and of allocated grants. Lump sum of the compensation for preparation and issue of a reviewed work amounts to 350 Euro plus tax (19%). Lump sum of the compensation for preparation and issue of the results of the scientific conference held on the EU territory amounts to 200 Euro plus tax (19%). Issue and preparation of materials for academic-level publication is performed free of charge.

All partners need to confirm their annual membership. This procedure allows to update data of the researchers and their employers, as well as to monitor each member’s indexation and status in a more efficient manner. Additionally, it provides a possibility of the guaranteed use of the permanent 10% discount for services.

If you are interested in joining Open Access partnership program or you have any questions, please, contact Wissenschaftszeitschrift editorial or our international representative.