Wissenschaftszeitschrift is a multidisciplinary scientific journal with open access. Wissenschaftszeitschrift publishes articles on scientific innovations, results of current research and innovative topics from different areas of fundamental or practical scientific interest.

 The policy of open access causes an increased access and greater visibility of the published content, thus achieving the desired effect of scientific publication.

 Wissenschaftszeitschrift is a peer review scientific publication. All published articles are reviewed by independent and internationally recognized experts.

 Wissenschaftszeitschrift provides a unique platform for doctoral students, experts, teachers, professors and researchers to present their research results to a large number of colleagues and like-minded scientists.

 Wissenschaftszeitschrift combines traditional scientific publication with the possibilities offered by modern information technology.

 It is our goal to continuously improve our services and to simplify the interface and the process of online publication. However, our top priority is the preservation of the quality and content of the published scientific articles.